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Going Back to Coupons to Save Money


We interrupt our regular scheduled blog post, with a topic that has been on my mind as well as everyone’s else for quite a while, saving money. A few months ago, I written about how Grandma sends me to get the Sunday paper. She actually reads the paper while, I go straight for the coupons and circulars. Lately, I have not been only clipping coupons offline, but also online as well. There are a few online resources that are helping people save a few bucks, which is more than a statement in this day and age. 1. Working Advantage – some companies and organizations receive discounts on products and services for their employees and associates. This came in handy for me when I saw something I wanted for months in this past Sunday in a circular. I remembered that Working Advantage has a link with a 10% off coupon attached to it. So I went through the link and saved a few dollars. The drawback is if you are affiliated with more than one company (and receive more than one employee code), you can only be associated with one organization at a time. The customer service rep assured me that employee benefits are the same across the the board regardless of company affiliation. 2. UPromise.com – When most people think about Upromise, they think about saving for college. Did you now that you can also use an Upromise account to help pay off student loans? It nice to be paying off a loan while you are normally spending. 3. Coupon Mom – This site has not only links to coupons from many grocery and pharmacy retailers. They as have access to trial and freebies. A bonus is for some of these offers, there is no registration required. Just click, print and cut. These are just a few sites that are out there, as there are many more. If I help someone make a little dent in their bills. I would of done my job for the day. Now, we bring you back to you regularly scheduled blog topic post.

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