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Today is Grandparents Day…

I know that I am extremely lucky to not only have a grandmother, but to also had a great-grandmother in my life. I know that there are people who haven’t had a chance to meet their grandparents. If your grandparents are around, listen to them and record their stories, because, their stories are your history. If you don’t have grandparents around, adopt a grandparent (even if they are not a grandparent) and check in on them. Believe me, I know from personal experience that they love to talk about their experiences, just as much as they love hearing about yours.

One Response to Today is Grandparents Day…

  1. i have just been listening this week to tapes i made with my late grandmother more than a decade ago, and it’s totally enlightening. there are things she said about herself and about my grandfather (who died in ’85) that i just did not remember. she said many things that opened my eyes.

    and, yes, i even have some tapes i made with my grandfather almost 25 years ago.

    i encourage folks to tape their older loved ones, for the fun of it and to help you remember.

    remember to remember.