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AT&T, please don’t let sick staff work

I was in the AT&T store getting a pay-as-you go phone for a family member.

I went to the sign-up sheet display and I signed in my name.

I waited a good 15 minutes until I was called. When I finally was called, i could barely heard my name because the customer service rep lost their voice.

I struggled to understand her. I had to ask her to display the screen where  they were inputting my information.

Of course, they tired to upsell me, but I knew what package I wanted since I did do my homework. They had to confirm with another rep to make sure I wasn’t losing my marbles.

When I go home, I used hand sanitizer. I also registered the account online, and I also found that they entered in my information wrong, even though I presented my driver’s license to them.

If staff is sick,  send them home, or have them work in the back. This puts the public at risk and in this day and age, one cannot be too careful.

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