A Generation Xer's caregiving journey

Waiting for Chicken Wings

Its another Saturday in the city and Grandma sent me to to supermarket to get among other things, a tray of chicken breasts or chicken wings. The first place I went was to the poultry section and no breasts or wings. So I did my other shopping for 10 minutes and then returned to the poultry section. Still no goods. I asked the guy putting out the meat when will the breasts or wings will be out. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one “on line” for wings. He said 5 minutes that turned out to be 15 minutes. Finally, I had to go in the back to get a chicken wing tray. Of course, I can’t pick them out as well as if they were in a display. I just chalked this waiting up to being a sign of the economic times. In the end, I got the seal of approval that really counted.

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