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Paper vs. Plastic or Bring your own bag

Paper vs Plastic
Paper vs. Plastic or Bring your own bag

This is a constant debate in the Mama’s Keeper Blog. Since Gram is from the old school, her belief is that every bag is useful. Plus, growing up during the Depression also seared in her that she has to hold on to everything, including plastic bags. This does not  make it easy to convince her that the “new” way is the best way.

Since there has been talk about taxes on bags, she has relaxed the rule and has taken paper bags to the store instead of plastic. This is progress.

However, whenever I get groceries, I always carry a cloth bag. There are  many reusable grocery bags available that fold up into a pouch or a ball or something smaller. So one can take those extra trash bags and recycle them.

Of course, if you can’t quite part with the plastic bags, you can always stash the plastic and save them for liners.

Gram will get there, eventually. In the meantime, since I’m doing most of the legwork, I don’t think her footprint will make much of a dent.

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