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5 Lessons Learned from Blogher12 Healthminder

BlogHer HealthMinder Day

This year, even though Blogher12 was near me, I decided to take a step back and focus by attending Blogher Healthminder Day.

This was very much needed, not only resources for the “careree” but also support and hugs for the caregiver.

Here are some lessons learned from Blogher12 Healthminder

@catherinekaram: Eventually you have to acknowledge that you can’t do everything by yourself – @postpartumprog #Blogher12 #blogherhealthminder

@elleinthecity: Avoiding burnout – life is never too serious that you can’t make a joke and smile. @redneckmommy #blogher12

@SusanHMorales: As a patient, at the end of the day you want to end up with a care team. #blogher12 #BlogHerHealthMinder @founfhealth

@QueenofSpain: “It’s important to treat the family as well as the patient.” #blogher12 #healthminder

@PamPeekeMD: “Progress Not Perfection!” #BlogHer12 #healthminder

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