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Missing My Mother on Mother’s Day

Here we go again. Its that time of the year. Mother’s Day.

I lost my mother nearly 5 years ago.

What made me think of this was the recent episode on Grey’s Anatomy, where a child loses her mother due to a heart attack.

Dr. Christina Yang (played by Sandra Oh) talked to the child and reflects on her own experience about what to expect in regards to the grieving process.

The scene was poignant because it brought back thoughts of when my mother just passed.

They say a mother’s love lives on. Its important to remember the good times instead of reflecting on the sense of loss.

I remember when I used to go to my mother’s job after work and surprise her. Sometimes we would just get on the train and talk and other times, we would grab a bite to eat, like a slice of pizza.

If you lost a parent, recently, or not so recently, how do you cope on days like this?

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