A Generation Xer's caregiving journey

Eldercare is featured on Desperate Housewives

On last Sunday’s Desperate Housewives episode, Felicity Huffman’s character Lynette and her 2 sisters were fighting over who gets to take care of their mother.  Ironically, the mother was caregiving for Lynette and the kids due to her dealing with cancer. Lynette heard all the excuses from her sisters, they even offered to give Lynette money. Lynette eventually decided to care for her mother with not help from her sisters.

I am always envious of people that have siblings who offer to help since I am the only grandchild and my Mom was an only child. However, I guess that the grass is always greener on  the other side.  From what I have heard from TV and from colleagues, having siblings is not always a good thing when it comes to eldercare. Having family that cares about both the elder and the caregiver is ultimately the best medicine.

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