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Medicare Part D stands for “Drama”

Medicare Part D stands for Drama

There is not a week that goes by that Grandma isn’t inundated with Medicare Part D Prescription Plan solicitations. She has even heard from companies that she doesn’t have a previous business relationship with. She’d selected a plan a couple of years ago. Grandma got a survey to fill out for a bag. I know too well that she does not need any more bags.

I know better than anyone the need for marketing. However, don’t these organizations realize that they are just confusing elders more by sending all those forms? Don’t they realize that the companies are not only selling to the elders but their families as well?

Families need to be on top of everything dealing with their elders’ plans and the health status. Elders need to review their paperwork regularly with their family members in order to avoid misunderstanding and drama later.

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