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Financial Caregiving and Emergency notification

Recently, the telephone company sent a form to Grandma to indicate someone to notify in case the bill is not paid. We had been talking about filling out the form for a while now. Basically the form says that if the bill payer is 62  years or older and the bill has not been paid, the phone company has permission to contact the person indicated.  The 3rd party is not responsible for paying the bill, just to be notified.

Its a good idea to ask utility companies if they have a notification program for elders in place.

One Response to Financial Caregiving and Emergency notification

  1. How cool is this? I see my book listed as a resource. Thank you! I hope that my journey as my mother’s daughter/caregiver helps others know they can–and will get through–and actually learn a few things along the way.
    I liked your telephone suggestion–I can see that an elder might be embarrassed or confused about having their electricity cut off (non payment, etc.) and might go who knows how long without it just to save face.
    ~Carol O’Dell
    Author of Mothering Mother: A Daughter’s Humorous and Heartbreaking Memoir