A Generation Xer's caregiving journey


I’m tired of the media and the press saying that caregiving is just a “Baby Boomer”  issue.  I’m Gen X and when my mother died, that’s when I became a full-fledged caregiver.

Truth be told, I have been a caregiver ever since I could walk. I helped cared for my great-grandmother as well.

My grandmother primarily cared for my great-grandmother. I would pitch in to care for “Mama” (2 syllables) as everyone called my great-grandmother.

Since my mother “Ma” (1 syllable) passed, now the responsibility falls on my shoulders to care for my grandmother.

This blog is not merely for me a place to vent, but I hope to provide others resources through the lessons I have and am learning as a caregiver, both balancing working for myself, trying to have a life as well as being there for my grandmother.