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Jessica London, get it together

A family member begged me for months to buy rings that they saw in the Jessica London catalog.

So I finally caved and called the 1-800 number.

The rep took my order and my email address.  Yet I did not receive an email confirmation  that the order was received.

I called 2 days later to ask about the status of the order. I saw via my online banking account that the credit card was charged, yet, I still did not have an email receipt. I stated that twice to the rep and her manager. It was then that I finally received an order number.

Two days later, I called again because I *still* did not receive an email confirmation. I was told that the order  was backordered and  when it would come in, that I would then get notification be shipped and only then I would receive a notification.

So I’m still waiting and I will keep calling until I get satisfaction.

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