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Don’t fill out the USPS eDelivery form, because they won’t deliver it


I ordered something from Amazon to be delivered to a family member. The family member said that they received a pink notice in the mail that the UPSs attempted to deliver the package, even though they were home.

So, I went online on their behalf and I requested a redelivery via the USPS eDelivery form and they never re-delivered it.

So, I had to take off work and go 32 miles to pick up the package myself. I asked to speak to the manager of that post office and they refused to speak to me.

All I wanted was an explanation as to why the package wasn’t delivered, even though I filled out and submitted the form online. I mean what’s the point of having that form if they don’t deliver the item.

No wonder folks are seeking other options for their delivery  needs.

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