A Generation Xer's caregiving journey

The Christmas Stocking


My mother made the stocking for a sewing class while she was in high school.

When I was little,  Grandma and I would hang up my mother’s stocking. One  year a doll would be in it,  or another year candy. As I got older, gift cards would appear.

Grandma recently asked about the stocking and we thought that the other had it.

Now we are both searching for the stocking,  one of the many reminders as to why Christmas was my mother’s favorite holiday.

Now, I have a stocking that I brought with my Mom, but it will never be the same as  the original.

One Response to The Christmas Stocking

  1. The stocking reminded me of little handmade stocking ornaments that mom use to make. I still have several of them which will remain with me and used each year. There are only a few items left that she has crafted, whether through tole painting or sewing and quilting, so each will be a cherished memory of her when she has left us.