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Happy Festivus Everyone!

Nana: What do you mean that there’s no work on Monday?
Me: Monday is the observed holiday since Christmas falls on Sunday.
Nana: Well, if it was me, I would of had to go to work.
Me: I don’t make this stuff up. If I go to work on Monday, no one will be there.
Nana: So that means you’ll be catching up on your lists?

Before there was “42”, there was The Jackie Robinson Story

Tweet “Before there was “42” there was The Jackie Robinson Story.” My Nana said that the original was produced in to 40’s and also that the legend himself starred in it. So finally I had investigated and found The Jackie Robinson Story – In COLOR! Also Includes the Original Black-and-White Version which has been Beautifully… Continue Reading

It’s True. Grandma Does Know Best

Tweet Lately, things have been crazy personally. Grandma has lectured me numerous times, especially over the past several weeks. One night this past week, I was having trouble falling asleep, so I was channel surfing and I stumbled upon Million Dollar Listing: Lost Angeles. Josh’s grandmother’s words stuck a chord. Sometimes, you have to go… Continue Reading

Why its important to keep track of medications

Tweet Yesterday, I went to pick up my grandmother’s medicine. I got home and I realized that there were 2 medicines that were the same, but in different doses. It’s a good thing that Grandma taught me how to read. I promptly went back to the pharmacy, and asked that the previous one be cancelled.… Continue Reading

Don’t fill out the USPS eDelivery form, because they won’t deliver it

Tweet I ordered something from Amazon to be delivered to a family member. The family member said that they received a pink notice in the mail that the UPSs attempted to deliver the package, even though they were home. So, I went online on their behalf and I requested a redelivery via the USPS eDelivery… Continue Reading

What a Wild Start to February for Women.

Tweet If February started like this, I don’t want to know what would Valentine’s Day, let alone Leap Year Day would entail. First off, just in case you didn’t hear, Komen decided to stop providing funding to Planned Parenthood. There was the Pfizer recall of birth control pills. Then a few days later, Komen decided… Continue Reading