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Be Thy Own Health Advocate


After putting my health on the back burner for a while, (who am I kidding, a long while) I decided to get my annual checkups.

I took one of the regular exams over a month ago, then they wanted me to come back to have another exam.

The place where I took the exams sent the results to me, but not to my primary care facility.

Two weeks after the exams, I thought that the primary care facility would of had the results, but they did not.

I thought a couple of weeks was enough time for the primary to review the results, so I scheduled the appointment.

Its a good thing I had the results on me.

I started to get my records in order earlier in the year during a lull b/w Nana’s appointments.

The lesson here. Keep your own health records just as good if not better than your caree’s.


Love you Body by Louise Hay #WorldBookDay recommendation

Tweet What I’m reading and continue to go back to reading is Love Your Body by Louise Hay. This book reminds me to be thankful for my health each and every day. Lately, I admit have been over- extending myself with going above and beyond with caregiving. Finally, I decided to focus on my own… Continue Reading

Gratitude is my prayer

Tweet I have been participating the the Oprah and Deepak Chopra Mediation challenge, Desire and Destiny  for 2 weeks now. Sure, I participated in the other meditation challenges, however I haven’t had an awakening until this time. For starters, with this challenge, I logged in everyday. That opened up so much more for me. Sure… Continue Reading