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An afternoon with the Dorothy Dandridge movie

Introducing Dorothy Dandridge

Nana asked me to “test out” her DVD player by playing two DVDs. One of which was “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge” starring Hallie Berry.

Dorothy Dandridge as Carmen Jones

Dorothy Dandridge was an Oscar-nominated actress for her role as “Carmen Jones” as in the movie by the same name.

As we watched the “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge” movie, I picked up more a-has from it when I did the first time that I saw it.

James Bond – ‘Skyfall’ theme song, sung by Adele is released

Tweet Whenever a James Bond theme song is released for the next upcoming movie, it’s considered a holiday in this family. My Mom was a big fan of James Bond, and even more so the soundtracks. BTW, Best Of James Bond 50th Anniversary (aff link) is a great primer for anyone who doesn’t know about… Continue Reading