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Origami Day activity for nieces and nephews

origami day

Once in a while, I do care for people on the other side of the spectrum. Last weekend, I helped the family mind the kids. One of the kids has an Origami book that had directions on how to make origami animals.

The book, Animal Origami by Joost Langeveld, has the paper that looks like the animal that one is going to create.

The book starts off with the ABC’s of Origami, the principal folding patterns. Then, there are directions on how to create each animal using origami.

So if you are looking for an activity for Origami Day,  a holiday gift for the child or children in your life, or if you need to get something that can buy you an hour or so of “quiet time,” Animal Origami may be worth a look.

Top 5 Things not to discuss at the Thanksgiving Dinner

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James Bond – ‘Skyfall’ theme song, sung by Adele is released

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