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How come no one has sent me a Christmas card?

“How come no one has sent me a Christmas card?”

no christmas card

This is how I was greeted this morning by Nana.

“I guess everyone calls and text now. No one has time to actually write a Christmas cardĀ and send it in the mail.”

This took me back. Everyone she was in contact with either moved from the area or had moved on.

So, during the day, I did what any dutiful granddaughter would do. I found a blank holiday card I had from years ago that I never used, filled it out, addressed it and put it in the mail.

Is there someone you know that has the holiday blues because it just doesn’t seem like the holidays? Send them a greeting card. It just might make their day, no, their season.

photo credit: Nova Scotia Archives Victorian Christmas Card via photopin (license)

This breaks my heart

Tweet Grandma caught this story on the news yesterday. Personally, as a granddaughter, I don’t understand why she would want to force her grandmother out of the home she has know for so long. I mean, the grandmother’s not sick or anything, she should honor her grandmother’s wishes. What I would like to know is… Continue Reading