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Happy Festivus Everyone!

Nana: What do you mean that there’s no work on Monday?
Me: Monday is the observed holiday since Christmas falls on Sunday.
Nana: Well, if it was me, I would of had to go to work.
Me: I don’t make this stuff up. If I go to work on Monday, no one will be there.
Nana: So that means you’ll be catching up on your lists?

“No free coffee for you!” Says Dunkin Donuts to Fairfield County, CT after #UConn #BleedBlue win.

Tweet @MyMamasKeeper We’re sorry for the inconvenience but Fairfield County is outside our market. Please follow @DunkinNYTri for local offers! — Dunkin’ Donuts in CT (@DDinCT) April 9, 2014   In case you’ve been under a rock, UConn won the NCAA mens championship basketball title. The women also won the championship last night. After the… Continue Reading

Don’t fill out the USPS eDelivery form, because they won’t deliver it

Tweet I ordered something from Amazon to be delivered to a family member. The family member said that they received a pink notice in the mail that the UPSs attempted to deliver the package, even though they were home. So, I went online on their behalf and I requested a redelivery via the USPS eDelivery… Continue Reading