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Grandma conquers the cell phone

While I was in Chicago during the BlogHer ’07 conference. Grandma’s landline went out yet again. Its gotten to the point when every time she sees a telephone truck, she cringes. During the speaker’s reception, my aunt called me from home saying that she couldn’t get a hold of my grandmother.

My mind was racing at a zillion miles a minute. I then asked one of my grandmother’s neighbors to knock on the door to make sure that she answered.

After several calls to family and friends alike, guess who finally calls me from her cell phone, Grandma! The family cellphone plan I had for two years is finally paying off.

Tips to take away:

  1. Have the phone numbers of neighbors in the vicinity.
  2. Train your elder on how to use the cellphone and review.
  3. Have another family member designated to check in on your elder when you travel.