A Generation Xer's caregiving journey

Crossing the Street

Cross walkers

Several months ago, after coming from an errand, me and Gram were crossing the street. I wanted to cross at the stop light because, well, that’s what most people are supposed to do.

However, Gram insisted on turning the corner and seeing the garden. I hesitated because on the street where she lives, its not a major road, but buses do go down on the street and cars turn and whip around so quickly that I have my senses on super high whenever I’m crossing the street.

Sidebar: I had to give a motorist the evil eye when they tried to turn the corner and the see me with the old lady crossing the street. Don’t they know what’s its like to have a mother and/or a grandmother. Sheesh!

Anyway Gram got upset because I wanted to take to a crosswalk. I told her that I’m concerned for her safety and I had to put my foot down.

I never thought that I would have to discipline my grandmother, but when it concerns her safely and/or health, I have to step it up. Gram was annoyed, but she eventually understood.

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