A Generation Xer's caregiving journey

Caregiving Makes National News

In Honor of Labor Day, while others are enjoying the day with picnics and parades, there are jobs where one rarely gets a vacation, the first is being a parent. Just as demanding is that of being a caregiver.

Good Morning America recently did a story about balancing eldercare and working called Balancing Work While Caring for Aging Parents. I am glad that this issue is finally getting attention.

Companies are realizing that caregiving responsibilities are taking a toll on their bottom lines. The article stated that there are companies that have programs for employees to deal with eldercare from flex-time to backup plans, but what about freelancers and the self-employed?

Freelancers and self-employed people don’t necessarily have access to the benefits that full and part-time people have. Since I am solely responsible for the care of my grandmother, I do all her running around and errands since she can’t get around much, as well as building my own business. I have refused full-time employment because I need to be available for her.

I have gotten everything from “That’s commendable” to, “When will your situation change?…”. It makes me steamed that people are not more aware of this. Its not like I can just hire someone for Grandma like you would hire a babysitter for a toddler. She really doesn’t trust anyone. She gave me a scare twice in the last few weeks when I had to drop everything to attend to her.

Regardless, I am glad that caregiving and eldercare is finally in the forefront, and that there are/will be resources available for caregivers who work.

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