A Generation Xer's caregiving journey


What new trick or shortcut did you learn in 2013? What do you want to speed up in 2014?

I learned that I don’t need cable.

I had let go of several services I was paying for, including cable 1 year ago.

I’ve re-learned about the digital converter thanks to a family member and I  also learned that some shows offer the episode online the next day or so.

I’ve also learned that I don’t need an egg to make brownies. That was a bonus!

I want to speed up my time I need to work on stuff. Getting a free app to list the must do items and listening to an coach or two online helps.

In case you’re joining us for the first time, I am doing a post  almost everyday on reflecting on 2013 and looking forward to 2014 for the month on January. Learn more at #weVerb14.

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