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When Grief Affects your Health

When grief affects your health


This has been a challenging few months. In addition to being between opportunities,  I have been touch by grief. I’m miss my good friend. I had been neglecting myself. To the point that I wasn’t in the ER not once, but twice.

I have learned that I need to take time for myself. More time for myself. I had to break things down in order to build them back up slowly, methodologically, and mindfully.

This has as one could imaged caused me to re-examine my role in caregiving. Its I can’t take care of myself, how in the world can I care for others?

This is a journey that does not have an easy solution. The only way to get through it is one step at a time.


photo credit: David Paul Ohmer Cincinnati – Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum “Spring Magnolia Blasting Off” via photopin (license)

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