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Getting a cell phone for your elder

(I know I’m using the same image, but these are the times and I want to stretch out the resources as much as possible.)

Like everyone else, we have been cutting back on some things. One of the things I decided to cut back on was the cell phone or mobile bill.

I had my grandmother on a family plan that I set up after my mother’s passing. As time grew and my cell phone model upgraded, so did the bill. The problem was she wasn’t using any of the minutes and I was only using a third of the minutes, if that. I called my cell phone company for alternatives, but the family plan we were on was the lowest plan.

So a few weeks ago, I terminated my grandmother’s line since it was out of contract and she only uses it for emergencies anyway and got a pay-as-you-go plan, which worked out to $8 a month vs. the $40+ a month, which equal significant savings.

So when getting a cell phone plan for your elder, ask yourself how often they are going to use it. If you have an “old school” elder like mine, it can serve as an emergency line or if you have an more active senior (Hooray for you!) then you may want to examine a monthly plan.

There is no right answer regarding cell phone use for seniors. The only advice is to do your homework and don’t be afraid to ask questions of the providers you’re considering.

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