A Generation Xer's caregiving journey

Be Thy Own Health Advocate


After putting my health on the back burner for a while, (who am I kidding, a long while) I decided to get my annual checkups.

I took one of the regular exams over a month ago, then they wanted me to come back to have another exam.

The place where I took the exams sent the results to me, but not to my primary care facility.

Two weeks after the exams, I thought that the primary care facility would of had the results, but they did not.

I thought a couple of weeks was enough time for the primary to review the results, so I scheduled the appointment.

Its a good thing I had the results on me.

I started to get my records in order earlier in the year during a lull b/w Nana’s appointments.

The lesson here. Keep your own health records just as good if not better than your caree’s.


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