A Generation Xer's caregiving journey

Listed on Thrive’s Top 20 Blogs for Caregivers

What an honor it is to be listed in such good company on the Thrive’s Top 20 Blogs for Caregivers.

Post by Nicholas Jakubowski.

A Loaf of Bread

Tweet They say that a slice of pizza is the barometer of NYC transit fare. What about a loaf of bread? I am Forbidden (yes, that’s a capital F) to get bread for Grandma that’s above $2.00. She says that it doesn’t make sense to just give away money. Often I am lectured about back… Continue Reading

Quickie Holiday Meals for Caregivers: Check Out the New Frozen Foods, Better Than Before

Tweet The following is a guest post by Diane Wolff that discusses her book “Quickie Holiday Meals for Caregivers.” At the holiday season, families are busy. Daily planning for meals for a loved one on the dysphagia diet can be challenging. Not anymore. In a new article in the holiday eating issue of Today’s Dietitian… Continue Reading

There’s no way she’ll consider a home aide

Tweet A few weeks ago, the heartbreaking story of the Centennial couple whose home was broken into where the husband lost his life. Someone has seen this story multiple times on TV. A home aide was allegedly responsible. Now, there is no way in “fill in the blank” she would consider anyone outside of the… Continue Reading

Feeling like you don’t have enough? Clean out your refrigerator to feel abundance

Tweet We all go through tough times. Some last longer than others. After a bout of challenging events, I “literally” felt that I was close or near the end of my rope. It took family and friends to give me the motivation  to get out of my rut . Part of the way I did… Continue Reading

An afternoon with the Dorothy Dandridge movie

Tweet Nana asked me to “test out” her DVD player by playing two DVDs. One of which was “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge” starring Hallie Berry. Dorothy Dandridge was an Oscar-nominated actress for her role as “Carmen Jones” as in the movie by the same name. As we watched the “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge” movie, I picked up… Continue Reading